The Lock

Safeguard your memories, always.

Infinity Trunk and the smart padlock manufacturer Igloohome have partnered up to give you the perfect blend of style, technology and security. 

With your family in mind, the Igloohome Smart Padlock is jam-packed with features for convenient access. The Smart Padlock allows you to type in a custom key code on the lock face or open it remotely with Igloohome's easy to use smart phone app, you have complete control of who can access your trunk and when.



- Hardened shackle

- Made with hardened stainless steel

- Anti-corrosion materials.

Low battery alert

- An intuitive alert prompts you to replace the batteries before they run out.

Emergency jumpstart

- Easily jumpstart the lock with a 9V battery as an emergency measure if batteries are drained.