January 2016

The passing of Samuel Liberti

After the passing of Zee's Father-in-law, he and his wife Sari, found themselves organizing and packing away memories of a man they loved into boxes and plastic totes in their garage and basement.

January 2016

The search begins

"What happens to our memories if a fire breaks out?" Zee thought. So he began searching the internet for fireproof furniture that he could keep in the living room to store his family's favorite memories.

January 2016

Creating the solution

A deep internet search led Zee to cheap plastic document storage and clunky steel safes for protection. In that frustrating moment, the idea for Infinity Trunk was born.

February 2020

Co-founders meet

Zee reached out to furniture makers across Chicago to build a prototype and found Andrew. The two immediately hit it off and after the first prototype was built, Andrew was brought in as a co-founder.

March 2020

Research & Development

In the next 6 months, thousands of hours were spent researching the safe and fire protection industry. After working with material and fire protection experts, the final design started to take shape.

July 2020

Testing begins

The first 3 Infinity Trunks were put into an open flame kiln for 1 hour at 1200°. Each was then blasted with water. The internal temperature reached a maximum of 265°. Photos melt and burn at around 375°.


You clicked that order button

You, the customer, are the most important part of our story. Bringing an Infinity Trunk to your home is what keeps us going. Us knowing we can help others solve the problem Zee's family faced is the final chapter.

Our Team